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Six Ages (video game) concept art: etc.

These were concepts for the computer/mobile game Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind, the prequel to The King of Dragon Pass.

My role was to help create the look of many of the clans in the game. Here are some miscellaneous clans I drew some designs of:

Weeders: Meant to worship both the mud and birds.

I can’t remember what minor clan these designs ended up being, but they were used in the game as a super rough-hewn-hide kind of people:

This design was not used, but I really like it, so I’m adding it! They were actually the first designs of the above clan. I was actively trying to add some Egyptian vibes in there. It unfortunately did not work out. 🙁

Here are some Vingkotlings. Admittedly, I think they went in another direction with this clan (more Nordic, less Swedish?), but here you are, for your viewing pleasure.

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